Work in progress:

 Tabasalu skatepark
Viimsi skatepark
Tori skatepark
Mustla skatepark

We manufacture professional quality skateboard, BMX and in-line skating ramps and skateparks.
We cover everything from invidual ramps to complete skateparks, indoors or out.
We offer a complete package from conceptual design through construction to the final setup.
We can put together a complete skatepark package to suit any or all ability levels and any size area.
Over the years we have manufactured skateparks for more than 20 000 m2.


Stadi Summer Session
Raadiku skatepark
Hageri spineramp
Suure-Jaani skatepark
Rakke skatepark
Kärstna skatepark
Keila skatepark
Rakvere skatepark
Tallinn skatepark
Simpel Session 10
Taebla skatepark
Keila skatepark
Simpel Session 07 skatepark
Kose skatepark
Räpina skatepark
Lasnamäe skatepark
Türi indoor park
Skatepark in Palanga
Skateparks in Vilnius
Viimsi miniramp
Merivälja miniramp
POP! Session 2006: Winter Bash
Vaida skatepark
Kopli skatepark
Jüri skatepark
Ahtme skatepark
Indoor park in Valga
POP! Session 2005: Winter Bash skatepark
Skatehall of Sangaste
Skatepark of Tabasalu
Skatepark of Elva
Skatepark of Kiili
Smart Skatepark (Tallinn, Estonia)
Skatepark of Nõmme (Tallinn, Estonia)
Skatepark of Haapsalu (modification of SSWB04 park)
Summeri Skatepark (Tallinn, Estonia)
Skatepark of Vilnius (Lithuania)
Miniramp of Kadriorg (Tallinn)
Simpel Session Winter Bash 04 skatepark
Smart Skatehall (Tartu, Estonia)
Otepää Skatepark
Skatepark of Kuressaare
Simpel Hall (Pääsküla, Tallinn, Estonial)
Jõhvi Skatepark
Simpel Skatepark (Tartu, Estonia)